During the summer of 2021, the director and the producer of the film ALEX were invited by Winny Bos to talk about their film in her podcast Doodnormaal

This was a very beautiful, emotional and memorable moment for the creators of this film. Their goal is to make grief and dealing with loss a more natural conversation topic. This because, it is healthy to talk about pain and loss.

Our society has made these unwritten regulations on one of the most heartbreaking moments in our life: loss. This makes us feel like there is an expiration date when it comes to the entire grieving process.

Talking about grief helps.
Listening to someone in pain supports.
Let’s be there for each other, talk, share and make this subject not a taboo!

Check out the conversation of Lisa de Bye & Didi Spaans with Winny Bos about the film ALEX and grief:

This is the official podcast about the film ALEX.

Website of Winny Bos: https://doulawijzer.nl/podcast-doodnormaal/