On June 13th 2022 the second première of ALEX took place in the Louis Hartlooper Complex, Utrecht. This theatre is gorgeous and has the ultimate art-cinema atmosphere. This première was a little bit smaller than the last one, because tof the size of the theatre, which made it feel more intimate. 

The première was a huge success! Didi Spaans was the host and asked great questions to Dominique de Bont and Lisa de Bye dring the Q&A session. Afterwards, everybody stayed to have some drinks and to talk more about the film. 

A big shout out to the entire cast & crew, what a beautiful and magical film we have made.
Thank you Louis Hartloper Complex for having us and the collaboration!

Première at the Louis Hartlooper Complex (2022)

On November 13th 2021, ALEX had a big première in the Filmtheater Hilversum. This première was a huge success. More than 60 people came to see the film during the difficult pandemic times. Below, you can see a couple of photos to get an impression of the vibe during this première.

We are incredibly proud of the entire film team! 
Thank you Filmtheater Hilversum for the great collaboration, we are more than grateful for your assistance!

In October of 2021, ALEX was shown during the Nieuw Bakje Troost Festival, a festival about grief. This was an amazing & very inspirational experience. The reactions we got from the audience were authentic, real and powerful. ALEX reached people on levels that we could not have foreseen. 

Thank you for having us Winny Bos & Immanuel Baan!

This film is dedicated to anyone who had/has to cope with loss. Therefore, we are extremely grateful for the audience during this festival. 

We are curious to see what 2022 will bring! We will keep you posted about any possible events!

Op 7 oktober 2021 werd ALEX vertoond bij Stichting Humanitas Rotterdam tijdens het rouwcafé.